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Usmoothie was originally set up in 2008 to service the new emerging Smoothie market.  Whilst delivering great tasting healthy fruit smoothies is still very much at  our core, we now offer many other products to help your customers have a healthier eating and drinking experience.

Whether you are an active Smoothie and Juice bar, or are wanting to be part of the rapidly growing Frozen Yoghurt, Shake and Smoothie market, or simply want to add real Fresh Fruit Smoothies to your store, then we will be able to help you succeed. Our clients range from multi-nationals to corner shops and our team is amongst the most experienced in the Industry.

We also recognise the ever important need to protect the planet from Plastic waste. For this reason we are now stocking an ever growing range of Biodegradable and compostable products, and all of our plastic based products show quite clearly how easy they are to recycle.