Single Wall Paper Cups With Logo


Minimum Order 1,000 cups, as low as 8p a cup for larger orders

Our single wall paper cups can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Perfect for;

– Takeaway service
– Workplace
– Hospitality events
– Corporate promotional days
– Parties and weddings
– Photoshoots

Anything from cold to warm drinks (e.g. juices, smoothies, lemonades or coffee) can be served with the single-walled paper cup, making it a very easy and convenient way to attractively represent the image of your company.

Delivery times are fast with a standard of 3 weeks and, if you are in a hurry, we can even sometimes even deliver within 7 days.

All prices include FREE UK mainland delivery

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Being incomparably low-priced and suitable for almost every purpose, the single-walled paper cup is our most commonly ordered product. Our clients –especially companies and organizations– use it for a variety of purposes, including internal as well as external marketing activities such as promotions, fairs, corporate events or private parties.

Anything from cold to warm drinks (e.g. juices, smoothies, lemonades or coffee) can be served with the single-walled paper cup, making it a very easy and convenient way to attractively represent the image of your company.

Paper cups with print in all the colours of the rainbow

All our paper cups are printed in traditional offset-print while using full-colour print. This allows you to use as many colours as you want for your design without any additional costs. Hence, there are no limits to your creativity. All of our colours are neutral in odour and in taste. Our single wall paper cups with logo have a matt surface which gives a natural look and feel.

Production in Europe

We only work with manufacturers within the UK and EU to ensure the best prices, fast delivery, and low minimum order quantities. This also means less CO2 emitted during transportation, which  is good for both you and the environment.

Biodegradable single wall Paper Cups

All our paper cups can be made of biodegradable material. This does not mean that the paper cup will decompose once disposed of in the natural environment, but that it can be dissolved in special industrial composting machines. The clear advantage of these biodegradable paper cups is the lower CO2 consumption during the production as compared to the production process of normal paper cups.

Large selection of single-wall paper cups with logo

Our single wall paper cups come in 5 sizes:

4 oz (110 ml),
7 oz (210 ml),
8 oz (240 ml),
12 oz (350 ml)
16 oz (450 ml)

Our 4 oz is perfect for a shot of strong espresso cups.

The 7 oz cups are perfectly fitted with a cup of coffee from a coffee machine which is also why they are mostly used together with a coffee machine. 8 oz paper cups are our most sold size and are used a lot by companies going to fairs and coffee shops who both offer a large and small cup of coffee where the 8 oz is perfectly suited as the small to go cup of coffee.

The 12 oz single wall cups are used a lot by cáfes and cafeterias that only have one size and wants to hit that magic feeling of not a too big cup of coffee, but still a decent cup.

The 16 oz  is a large cup where you can fit almost 500 ml of coffee or beverages into it. Even though it is a large cup, it is well used by a lot of cafés and a lot of the large coffee shops as Starbucks have them in their product range.

Other purposes for single wall cups

When you use paper cups it does not always have to be the standard coffee, tea or other beverages.

Are you going to a fair, then swap the coffee out with a snack; popcorn, nuts or even insects?

Since the large selection of sizes, you can completely decide how much you want to give.

Are you serving ice cream or milk-shakes, then paper cups can be a cup for it, so the cup is not too cold carry around.

Size4 oz / 115 ml7 oz / 210 ml8 oz / 240 ml12 oz / 350 ml16 oz / 450 ml
Height60 mm80 mm93 mm110 mm137 mm
Diameter (top)63 mm73 mm80 mm90 mm90 mm
Diameter (bottom)45 mm50 mm51 mm59 mm59 mm
Weight4.41 g6.80 g7.10 g9.34 g11.90 g
Printing methodOffset, CMYKOffset, CMYKOffset, CMYKOffset, CMYKOffset, CMYK
Weight pr. boxes, kg4.255.838.3911.6313.56
Sizes of the boxes310x248x330mm375x295x360mm415x335x410mm455x364x514mm564x366x545mm
Boxes pr. pallet6648301612
Quantity pr. pallet66,00048,00030,00016,00012,000

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We offer you an easy way to set up your design yourself.

Download a template below, and follow the instructions within the template.

We suggest you work with our templates in Adobe Illustrator.

Once you have ordered, simply e-mail us your design.

Our design team will then send you a free proof for your approval.

Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

DownloadPDF the 4oz Single Wall Template

DownloadPDF the 7oz Single Wall Template

DownloadPDF the 8oz Single Wall Template

DownloadPDF the 12oz Single Wall Template

DownloadPDF the 16oz Single Wall Template






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