7 Inch Bagasse Compostable Plate (1000 plates)

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A 7″ bagasse plate that is leak-proof (unlike a standard paper plate) and suitable for both oven and microwave use.

The plate is 100% compostable and biodegradeable.


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We offer a range of biodegradeable sugarcane bagasse biodegradeable takeaway plates. They are leak proof, in most cases safe for the microwave and ideal for hot takeaway food.


About this Product
A 7″ bagasse plate that is leak-proof (unlike a standard paper plate) and suitable for both oven and microwave use.

The plate has been designed for the retailer and food to go outlet.


Bagasse (ba-gas) is plant fibre. More specifically, it is the fibrous matter by-product left over from the production of sugarcane. This biowaste product was typically just disposed of, thrown away or burnt as it had no practical application. Bagasse is now widely being used across the catering industry as a substitution for disposables made from wood, pulp, fibre, petrochemicals and plastics. Across the industry, you will commonly find Bagasse takeaway containers, bagasse plates and bagasse bowls.

It is composatable and biodegradeable.

Diameter – 180mm

Case Quantity
1000 plates

Typically Used For
Hot or cold takeaway food.

Other Information
Suitable for Microwave, Oven or Freezer


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Plastic Recycling Codes and Meanings

 What is it used for?Next LifeEase of recycling
Soft drink bottles, food packaging, drinking cupsUsed to make more PET productsEasy
Milk cartons, cleaning products, yoghurt pots, soap dispensersGarden furniture, pipes and more milk cartonsEasy
Pipe fittings, window fittings, thermal insulation, car partsUsed to make more PVC productsDifficult
Food bags, shopping bags, magazine wrappingBin Liners, plastic furniture and floor tilesDifficult
Margarine tubs, drinking cups, microwave meal trays, wall coverings, vehicle upholsteryClothing fibres, food containers, speed humpsEasy
Some yoghurt pots, takeaway boxes, plastic cutlery, insulationAs more packagingDifficult
This includes other forms of plastic including composites such as salad bags and crisp packetsGoes to landfillVery difficult



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