Our Soup Containers  come lined with Polyethylene which makes them ideal for foods that require to be served at low and high temperatures. Aside from soup they can be used to serve a variety items such as pasta, rice, noodles and even porridge.They can also serve cold foods over the summer months such as ice creamyoghurt or freshly prepared fruit salad.We also stock 2 styles of lids to match  -  vented paper lids and PP plastic lids.

The more you buy, the more you save, discounts start as soon as you buy more than 1 case / Selling Unit pack of Non Frozen goods. It doesn’t have to be the same item, it can be any combination of items (Cups, Lids, Frappe, Syrups). Purchase more than 1 item, then every single case / Selling Unit pack will then qualify for a price discount of at least £2 and up to £5 per case if you buy 5 or more cases. Your discounted prices are shown as soon as you add the items to your Basket. Discounts apply to consumables only - Equipment, Accessories and Spares are excluded.