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Online Ordering of IQF 10kg Individual Frozen Fruit Packs

Usmoothie has a large range of specially selected 10kg IQF frozen fruit packs  The fruit is individually quick frozen (IQF) and have a shelf life of up to 2 years 

10kg IQF Strawberry Lower Prices on 10kg IQF Fruit
Deliveries are up to 3 times per week, throughout the UK at a simple fixed delivery price with no minimum order size and FREE delivery for orders over £350. Simply order before 12 and we'll despatch on the next delivery day that week. Click here for the Geographic delivery schedule.
Value of Order
Over £350 £201 to £350 Under £200
FREE £25+VAT £42+VAT

Don't want to Order Online ?

Not a problem, either call us on the number above or, if you prefer, send us an e-mail with the order details using either the order form you can download here or type it out long hand, and we will contact you to confirm details prior to processing.

  Apple Slices 10kg £20.95

  Apricots Diced 10kg £20.95

  Banana Sliced 10kg £17.95

  Blackberries 10kg £29.95

  Blackcurrants 10kg £19.95

  Blueberries (Wild) 13.62kg £56.95

  Cherries (Dark Sweet) 10kg £31.95

  Cranberries (Wild) 18.14kg £40.95

  Gooseberries 10kg £27.95

  Grapes 13.62kg £26.95

  Kiwi Diced 12kg £30.95

  Mandarin Segments 10kg £24.95

  Mango (Diced) 12kg £25.95

  Melon Balls Mixed 10kg £24.95

  Papaya Diced 10kg £26.95

  Passionfruit Puree Pellets 10kg £41.95

  Pomegranate Arils 10kg 36.95

  Peaches (Diced) 10kg £20.95

  Pineapple (Diced) 10kg £20.95

  Plum Diced 10kg £17.95

  Raspberries (80%whole / 20% crumb) 10kg £31.95

  Redcurrants 10kg £20.95

  Strawberries 10kg £22.95

  Summerfruits Mix (Blackberry,Blueberry, Redcurrant,Strawberry,Raspberry) 10kg £27.95

  Vanilla Yoghurt (99.9% fat free) - VATable 6x4ltr £27.95

  Vanilla Yoghurt Bars (99.9% fat free) - VATable 42x150ml £21.95

  Mango Moment Yoghurt (99.9% fat free) - VATable 4x4ltr £21.95

  Neutral Sorbet - VATable 6x4ltr £24.95

Note: If you need any product or equipment that we are not showing, then please contact us with more information, as it's more than likely we can supply and put a great deal together for you.