5 Benefits of using environmental packaging


5 Benefits of using environmental packaging

1. 100% environmentally friendly

The major benefits to the environment are that compostable packaging requires less carbon to produce, reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, reduces levels of pollution in the air, groundwater and soil and provides the earth with life-promoting nutrients. On top of this it helps to conserve resources by reducing the amount of new/virgin materials needed to make packaging.

2. Appeals to consumers concerned about their environmental impact

Three-quarters of shoppers across Europe prefer to buy products with environmentally friendly packaging, according to a 2018 research from leading data provider IRI. That’s already a significant amount of customers and the figure is only likely to increase as younger generations are educated in an era of increased environmental awareness.

3. Improved return on investment

Although compostable packaging does cost a little more than ‘standard’ recyclable takeaway containers, taking a pro-active action on climate change sees a higher return on investment than those who do not. This is mainly due to the fact that consumers who are environmentally aware, will often boycott a retailer if they believe the packaging used, is not environmental.

4. Feeds UK soils and reduces the risk of floods

The UK exports 70% of its paper and 66% of its plastic for recycling, with no idea if it actually gets recycled. China has recently banned imports of household plastics due to food contamination so it ends up in incineration or landfill because it can’t be recycled. With British fields in decline, compostable packaging returns vital nutrients to the soil, and has the added benefit of improving soil structure, reducing the risk of floods.

5. Contributes to the UK government’s ‘Plastic Pact’

The UK Plastic Pact, introduced in April 2018 aims for businesses to reduce the total amount of plastic packaging. One target is to make 70 per cent of packaging recycled or composted by 2025.

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